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MtnClim 2018 Anticipating climate change impacts in mountains: Embracing variability

17 September, 2018 - 21 September, 2018

Anticipating climate change impacts in mountains: Embracing variability. Decades of research has led to the understanding that temporal variability in climate affects mountain ecosystems in terms of water availability, the distribution of organisms, wildfire, and a myriad of ecosystem processes. In addition to variation over time, there has been increased interest in the variability that we see in mountain climate as expressed in space. We will look at how the intersection of climate variation in time and space might produce surprises that are hard to anticipate. These include the potential for mountain systems to act as refugia, approaches for characterizing spatial and temporal climate variability (e.g. climate velocity), climatic buffering by forests, and other areas of research relevant to anticipating and mitigating climate change impacts.

In addition to the main theme on climate variability, MtnClim 2018 will also include sessions on the impact of potentially declining snowpack in mountainous social-ecological systems, with the below three focus areas:

  • Trees, Snow, and Water
  • Causes and Consequences of Temperature and Hydroclimate Variability during the Common Era
  • Overview & Follow-up from the Global Climate Action Summit


17 September, 2018
21 September, 2018


Gothic, Colorado


Rocky Mountain Biological laboratory