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This leaflet summarizes NEMOR’s main objectives and gives very basic information about the role that research in mountain can play to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  [Download]







NEMOR DREAM – European Mountains Test-beds for Europe to face global changes

The world is experiencing significant social, economic and environmental changes. Questions such “What roles can mountains play to overcome the future problems/challenges of humanity?” or “Which answers can research in mountains offer?“ are at the basis of NEMOR interests, and help set our long-term goals. This document was made by members of the Network for European Mountain Research (NEMOR) to present our goals. The document suggests that the main topics that we believe should be urgently addressed in the coming years about mountain should be be framed in the three dimensions of the SDGs: environmental, social and economic. It also proposes the creation of a global partnership between scientists and stakeholders to trigger projects with a holistic view of mountain development and adaptation to global change.  [Download]






The mission
Starting in 2014, the Mountain Research Initiative being the Swiss part of “CH-AT”, the Swiss Austrian Alliance for Mountain Research, lead a lobbying effort to increase mountain research in the European Union (EU). The short term aim was to get more mountain research topics into the 2018-20 calls of Horizon 2020, the EU’s current research funding program; the long-term goal was to increase awareness of decision makers about the importance of mountains for all of Europe.

The final document

Drexler, C., V. Braun, D. Christie, B. Claramunt, T. Dax, I. Jelen, R. Kanka, N. Katsoulakos, G. Le Roux, M. Price, T. Scheurer & R. Weingartner 2016. Mountains for Europe‘s Future – A strategic research agenda. [Download]