Institution NameCityCountryWebsiteMain Research or Activity Fields
Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research (BAB) Wien Austria BAB Environmental Sciences, Land Management
Institute of Landscape Ecology Slovak Academy of Sciences p.r.i. Bratislava Slovakia Institute of Landscape Ecology SAS Environmental Sciences, Earth Sciences
ISCAR International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps Bern Switzerland ISCAR Environmental Sciences, Geography, Land Management
Center for Innovation in Education (CIE) Warsaw Poland Center for Innovation in Education Education, Economy
National Agency for Mountain Area Vatra Dornei, județul Suceava Romania National Agency for Mountain Area
Western Norway Research Institute Sogndal Norway Western Norway Research Institute Environmental Sciences, Energy, Digitisation, E-government, E-health, Big Data, Blockchain, Sustainable tourism, Climate change and adaptation.
Mountain Research Initiative Bern Switzerland Mountain Research Initiative Environmental Sciences, Energy, Geography, Education, Land Management, Earth Sciences, History, Economy, Development
IRSTEA - Mountain Ecosystems and Societies Laboratory (LESSEM) Saint Martin d'Here France LESSEM Environmental Sciences, Economy, Ecology, Sociology
Mountain University - UNIMONT - UNIVERSITY OF MILAN Edolo Italy UNIMONT Environmental Sciences, Geography, Education, Land Management
Eurac research Bolzano Italy EURAC Environmental Sciences, Energy, Land Management, Economy, Regional development, Alpine environment, Applied Linguistic, Biomedicine, Comparative Federalism, Earth Observation, Migration, Minority Rights, Mountain Emergency Medicine, Mummy Studies, Public Management, Renewable Energy, Tourism