Research papers

Publications in 2021

Leoni V, Pedrali D, Zuccolo M, Rodari A, Giupponi L, Giorgi A (2021). The importance of technical support in the return of traditional crops in the Alps: the case of rye in Camonica ValleySustainability 2021, 13, 13818.

Leoni V, Giupponi L, Pavlovic R, Gianoncelli C, Cecati F, Ranzato E, Martinotti S, Pedrali D, Giorgi A, Panseri S (2021). Multidisciplinary analysis of Italian Alpine wildflower honey reveals criticalities, diversity and value. Scientific Reports 2021, 11, 19316. 

Mañosa S, Gracia E, Claramunt-Lopez B, Canut J, Figueroa I, Margalida A. (2021) Diet of the Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos in two areas on the southern slopes of the Catalan Pyrenees. Revista Catalana d’Ornitologia. 37:25-33. DOI: 10.2436/20.8100.01.30

Publications in 2020

Adler C, Balsiger J, Grêt-Regamey A, Heinimann A, Huggel C, Weingartner R, Alcántara-Ayala I, Gebrekirstos A, Grau R, Jimenez E, Marchant R, Mark B, Marshall S, Morin S., Shahgedanova M, Shrestha MS,  Xu J (2020) Making Connections for Our Changing Mountains: Future Directions for the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI). Mountain Research and Development, 40(3).

Dax T, Cappellari T, and Lévêque M (2020) The Aosta Valley’s Smart Specialization Strategy. In: Wymann von Dach, S. and Ruiz Peyré, F. (eds.) Vibrant mountain communities. Regional development in mountains: Realizing potentials, tackling disparities. Sustainable Mountain Development Series. Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), University of Bern, with Bern Open Publishing (BOP), 40-41.

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Giupponi L, Pedrali D, Leoni V, Rodari A, Giorgi A (2020). The Analysis of Italian Plant Agrobiodiversity Databases Reveals That Hilly and Sub-Mountain Areas Are Hotspots of Herbaceous Landraces. Diversity 2021, 13, 70. https: //

Giupponi L, Leoni V (2020). VegeT: An Easy Tool to Classify and Facilitate the Management of Seminatural Grasslands and Dynamically Connected Vegetation of the Alps. Land 2020, 9, 473.

Giupponi L, Leoni V, Colombo F et al. (2020) Characterization of “Mais delle Fiorine” (Zea mays L.) and nutritional, morphometric and genetic comparison with other maize landraces of Lombardy region (Northern Italy). Genet Resour Crop Evol 2021.

Giupponi L, Leoni V (2020). Alpine pioneer plants in soil bioengineering for slope stabilization: results of a preliminary analysis of seed germination and future perspectives. Sustainability 2020, 12, 7190. DOI: 10.3390/su12177190

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Polderman A, Haller A, Viesi D, Tabin X, Sala S, Giorgi A, Darmayan L, Rager J, Vidovič J, Daragon Q, Verchère Y, Zupan U, Houbé N, Heinrich K, Bender O, Bidault Y (2020) How Can Ski Resorts Get Smart? Transdisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Winter Tourism in the European Alps. Sustainability, 12, 5593.

Vegas-Cañas C, González-Rouco JF, Navarro-Montesinos J, García-Bustamante E, Lucio-Eceiza EE, García-Pereira F, Rodríguez-Camino E, Chazarra-Bernabé A, Alvarez-Arévalo I (2020) An Assessment of Observed and Simulated Temperature Variability in the Sierra de Guadarrama. Atmosphere, 11, 985.


Publications in 2019

Cislaghi A, Giupponi L, Tamburini A, Giorgi A, Bischetti GB (2019). The effects of mountain grazing abandonment on plant community, forage value and soil properties: observations and field measurements in an Alpine area. Catena 2019, 181, 104086 (online).

Dax T (2019). Development of mountainous regions: smart specialization approaches as a means to overcoming peripheralization, in: Kristensen I, Dubois A and Teräs, J. (eds) Strategic Approaches to Regional Development, Smart Experimentation in Less-Favoured Regions. Series Regions and Cities, Abingdon: Routledge, 52-67.

Dax T, Zhang D and Chen, Y. (2019) Agritourism Initiatives in the Context of Continuous Out-Migration: Comparative Perspectives for the Alps and Chinese Mountain regions, in: Sustainability 11(16), 4418. doi:10.3390/su11164418

Giupponi L, Borgonovo G, Panseri S, Giorgi A (2019). Multidisciplinary study of a little known landrace of Fagopyrum tataricum Gaertn. of Valtellina (Italian Alps). Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 2019, 66, 783 DOI: 10.1007/s10722-019-00755-z

Giupponi L, Giorgi A (2019). Contributions of the knowledge of Linaria tonzigii Lona, a steno-endemic species of the Orobie Bergamasche Regional Park (Italian Alps). Eco.mont 2019, 11, 16

Pavlovic R, Panseri S, Giupponi L, Leoni V, Citti C, Cattaneo C, Cavaletto M, Giorgi A (2019). Phytochemical and ecological analysis of two varieties of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) grown in a mountain environment of Italian Alps. Frontiers in Plant Science 2019. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2019.01265.