Details Description of Educational Opportunity

MSC in Management of Mountain Areas

On site, 1 year full time, or 2 years part time

University of Lleida; Lleida,Catalonia

The University Master in Mountain Area Management  is an official master's degree that proposes specialized training for university graduates. The students acquire the following competencies and skills:  (1) Realization and comprehension of specific analyses of the dynamics, potentialities and problems of mountain areas; and (2) Preparation of proposals and organization of innovative initiatives of planning and management to achieve the sustainable development of these spaces, both from the public field and from private initiatives

Master in Environmental Management of Mountain Areas (EMMA)

On site, 2 years full time

University of Innsbruck and University of Bozen-Bolzano; Innsbruck and Bolzano,Austria and Italy

The interdisciplinary and research-oriented master's programme opens up a wide range of occupational opportunities for graduates, in particular environmental assessment, monitoring and management of protected areas, projecting and eco-certification in the fields of agriculture and forestry, analysis and natural hazard assessment of hydrogeological origin, and elaboration of development plans of agricultural mountain areas, and scientific careers

MountainSide. Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas in the Alps

On site, 2 years full time

UNIMONT (University of Milan); Edolo,Italy

The Master’s Degree Course in Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas, taught in English, aims to form professionals who are capable of promoting the enhancement, development, and sustainable management of mountain territories by applying innovative approaches and a systemic vision.

Switzerland Alpine Environment and Society (field course in the MSc of Environmental Sciences)

On site, 2 years full time

University of Geneva; Geneva,Switzerland

MUSE proposes an interdisciplinary approach to studying the functioning of the environment and its interaction with humans and society. Alpine workshop: In the first semester of studies

MSC in Mountain Areas

On site, 2 years full time

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences; Vienna,Austria

Sustainable, science-based management of forests and woodlands in mountain areas

Management of Conservation Areas

On site, 2 years full-time

University of Applied Sciences; Carinthia,Austria

The aim of this program is to promote biodiversity conservation and regional sustainable development in Europe and worldwide by educating and training (future) managers of conservation areas. The technical components of the program have a focus on terrestrial, in particular mountainous ecoregions.

Polar and Alpine Change (MSc Res)

On site, 1 year full-time

University of Sheffield; ,UK

This unique course prepares you for a research career in cold-regions science, notably within the disciplines of glaciology, glacial geomorphology, polar climatology/oceanography, environmental science, polar biogeochemical processes, or their intersections.

Sustainable Mountain Development

Fully online, part time study

Centre for Mountain Studies; Perth College UHI,

l If you want to make a real difference towards the sustainability of mountain regions, this postgraduate course in Sustainable Mountain Development is for you. You will access the latest thinking on complex mountain issues by studying modules with a focus on advanced theory and practice relating to environmental, social, economic and professional development

Regional management of mountain areas

On site, 1 year full-time/part-time

University of Sheffield; ,UK

The MSc for professionals in regional development and mountain areas. Hone your methodical and management skills, and your specialist knowledge in forest or agricultural sciences with a focus on mountain areas.

Alpine Ecology, Summer School on Alpine Plant Life

On site, 1 week

University of Basel; Basel,Switzerland

This graduate course is offered by the University of Basel and the Zürich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC) for advanced biology students with basic plant science training. Course topics include microclimatology, ecophysiology, biodiversity, vegetation and ecosystem ecology. The course will include lectures, field excursions and project work

Climate Science in Chamonix

On site, 1 week

CREA-Montblanc; Chamonix,France

Climate Science in Chamonix is an educational initiative designed by the team at CREA Mont-Blanc for English and French-speaking university students looking to develop their understanding of the impacts of climate change on mountain environments. With trips developed in collaboration with professors from around the world, Climate Science in Chamonix trips allow students to gain field experience, explore the role of science in policy-making and give back…all while visiting an iconic mountain destination

Environment and Development of Mountain Regions

On site, 1 year full time

Metsovian Interdisciplinary Research Center; Metsovo,Greece

The postgraduate programme is the only one that studies mountainous regions in Greece, which cover almost the 70% of the country’s total area. Our aim is the study of the specific issues and opportunities presented in the mountainous areas, based on a multidisciplinary and a first-hand education. We offer our students the opportunity not only to study but to live in the mountain regions.

Science for the Carpathians: Interdisciplinary Winter School

On site with additional online lectures,

Science for the Carpathians ; Kraków-Zakopane,Poland

Science for the Carpathians is organising a Winter School 2022. The aim of the School is to discuss the topics of sustainable development of the mountain areas in relation to the tourism-related hot spots.

Mountains in a Changing World

On site with field work component,

Université Grenoble Alpes; Grenoble,France

Experts from a wide range of disciplines will offer a rich, interdisciplinary view of Alpine history, culture, people and environment, in this short program taught in the heart of the Alps

International Programme on Research and Training on Sustainable Management of Mountain Areas (IPROMO)

On site, 2 week intensive course

Mountain Partnership, UN/FAO,University of Turin, University of Tuscia; ,

IPROMO helps strengthen the capacity of countries and institutions that belong to the Mountain Partnership, a United Nations voluntary alliance of partners dedicated to improving the lives of mountain peoples and protecting mountain environments around the world. It allows technicians, experts, and decision-makers from areas that are potentially more sensitive to global change impacts to contribute to the sustainable management of mountain areas

Climate Change and Water in Mountains: A Global Concern

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) , Approx. 17 hours study time

University of Geneva; ,Switzerland

This MOOC offers a better understanding of climate change, its impacts on the quality and quantity of water in mountain regions and the risks related to changing water resources.