Research Papers

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Thermodynamic and hydrological drivers of the subsurface thermal regime in Central Spain

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Phytochemical profiling of red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) honey and investigation on compounds related to its pollen occurrence.

Science of Food and Agriculture (online).


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Saffron growing in Italy: a sustainable secondary activity for farms in hilly and sub-mountain areas.

International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 21:1.


Jafarova N (2023)

Geospatial analysis of glaciers located in Azerbaijan in the northeastern part of the Greater Caucasus.

Materials of International University Scientific Forum Practice Oriented Science: UAE – RUSSIA – INDIA. November 25, 2023 UAE. Page-167-171.

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Scientific collaboration to address socio-ecological challenges of the Caucasus Mountain ecoregion.

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Preliminary design and socio-economic benefits of a road tunnel construction in the Tzoumerka mountainous area.

In Expanding Underground-Knowledge and Passion to Make a Positive Impact on the World (pp. 74-82). CRC Press. ISBN 978-1-003-34803-0.

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A review of tourism and climate change mitigation: The scales, scopes, stakeholders and strategies of carbon management.

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Adaptation of the Activities of the Population of the Mountain Territories of Dagestan to Climate Change: Trends in Agriculture. 

Regional Research of Russia 2023, 13, 1, 127–140.



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 Caring for melting glaciers.

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Predictors of brown bear predation events on livestock in the Romanian Carpathians.

Conservation Science and Practices 5:3, e12884.

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 Editorial: New approaches to local climate change risk analysis.

Front. Clim. 5:1298779.

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The overlooked threat of land take from wind energy infrastructures: Quantification, drivers and policy gaps.

Journal of Environmental Management 2023 348, 119340.


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Restoration of vegetation greenness and possible changes in mature forest communities in two forests damaged by the Vaia storm in Northern Italy.

Plants 2023, 12, 1369.

Giupponi L, Leoni V, Pedrali D, Zuccolo M, Cislaghi A (2023)

Plant cover is related to vegetation and soil features in limestone screes colonization: a case study in the Italian Alps.

Plant and Soil 2023, 483, 495-513.


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Do husbandry practices reduce depredation of free-ranging livestock? A case study with wolves in Greece.

Biological Conservation 2023, 283 110097.

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How much wilderness is left? A roadless approach under the Global and the European Biodiversity Strategy focusing on Greece.

Biological Conservation 2023 281, 110015.

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Spatiotemporal Patterns of Wolves, and Sympatric Predators and Prey Relative to Human Disturbance in Northwestern Greece.

Diversity 2023 15.


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Saffron growing in Italy: a sustainable secondary activity for farms in hilly and sub-mountain areas.

International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 2023, 21, 1.

Zuccolo M, Pedrali D, Leoni V, Borgonovo G, Bassoli A, Giorgi A, Giupponi L (2023)

Characterization of an Italian landrace of Cyclanthera pedata (L.) Schrad. of herbal and horticultural interest.

Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 2023, 70, 1455-1469.


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